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MgO, new material for outdoor furniture

New trendy for outdoor furniture. This is not wood. It is new material Ecolive ® MgO with imitated wood effect. Better than solid wood, less expensive, and light weight. Most important, it can be used in both outdoor and indoor, with weather proof and water resistant.

Ecolive®  precisely imitates the surface textures of wood, stone, concrete, leather, woven wicker, metal (including cast aluminum) and almost any other surface texture that can be form-molded and reproduced.

Ecolive®  is completely waterproof and durable beyond expectations due to its proprietary formula of naturally occurring inorganic mineral compounds, which are mixed with brine and layered with fiberglass for strength. The material is then processed and cold-pressed on sheets of fiberglass in a machine to make the panels.

Ecolive® is fire, water, and chemical resistant. It is only a fraction of the weight of the element it imitates. It is environmentally safe and causes no impact upon disposal.



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